Alden & SON

Working out doors is something that John Alden has always loved.
Since about the time that he could walk, he was trying to find more ways to work outside with his dad, also John.

While other kids loved playing sports or with Star Wars toys, John was reading countless books learning about tractors and heavy equipment. Over the years as he aged this passion was only fueled until it became what he decided to do for a living. The toy trucks and equipment are just much bigger! After high school, John went on to get a degree in construction management Western Carolina University. Before John had even graduated he new that he would be a contractor and go into business for himself.

Outside of work, the other passions in is life also keep him outdoors. As a long range (out to 1,300 yards) marks man, he can be found shooting targets or hunting coyote. Many of the precision rifles he uses were built with his own hands. He often takes advantage of the amazing area that we live and will spend hours fishing at one of the local watering holes. His long term goal in life is own his own farm.  

We Are The Right Choice

Picking a contractor to take care of your property can feel a little intimidating, but it's always important to choose someone that you can feel comfortable with. After years of helping people like you with all of their land and contracting needs, we know that we've got the experience and the skill to guarantee you the kind of results that you've been hoping for. You'll notice right away that we take great pride in our work. We do everything in our power to ensure the kind of fast, safe and efficient services that you need most.

You will value our skilled, hardworking and knowledgeable approach to each job we do. We treat each customer they way that we would want to be treated, it is the Golden Rule!
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